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Remedial Massage & Lymphedema Therapy

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Education Therapy

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Sports and MLD®

Minor injury and trauma are often a part of Sports that people put up with for the love of it. Many are not aware they can improve performance and recovery by supporting their body during and after intensive sporting activities.

Generally hobby sportsman/ women or children may only consider Remedial Therapy when accumulated injuries affect their ability to continue their sporting activities or even when it hinders their ability to work, perhaps even after orthodox medical attention has not resulted in quick recovery from more serious injury.

It can be a real blow to quality of life now but also in later years.

Many remedial therapists are approached by clients with history of old sporting injuries that were never properly attended to for whatever reason. Eventually the impact has affected other areas of lifestyle or after years of discomfort and finally real pain occurs.

Why Does MLD® work?

MLD® facilitates quick removal of inflammatory fluids in traumatized tissues, damaged/destroyed cells and cellular waste. This allows the body to begin the repair and regeneration processes much sooner.

Unlike normal massage, MLD® does not increase fluid movement from the blood vessels into tissues and is so gentle it can be applied immediately along with First Aid to reduce the pain of recent traumatic injury. It can be administered in combination with other physical therapy and orthodox medical care; moreover it is a highly effective therapy on its own.

MLD® achieves optimum results when applied as soon as tolerable and as often as possible within a short period of after the insult. e.g.a sprained ankle would look better, feel better, and be able to tolerate a quicker return to normal activities after a week of 30-45 minute MLD® sessions. Compared to the same injury treated with a 1 hour treatment once a week for 6 weeks, a much longer and likely more painful recovery period.

Sporting Indications

  • Injury/ Trauma - Bruising, Swelling, Strains, Pulled or torn muscles, Sprains, Distorted or Dislocated joints.
  • Pre-/post event maintenance.
  • Pre-/post surgical intervention.