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Remedial Massage & Lymphedema Therapy

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Non Surgical Beauty Therapy - Anti Aging, Wrinkle treatment and Skin Toning without the invasive surgery

Aging.... I bet you never really thought much about the effects of aging and lifestyle factors, until you started to seeing fine wrinkles and slowly sagging tissue around your eyes and jaw.

What a disappointment. You really sincerely expected to be a youthfully glowing picture of health forever right ?

Sounds a little unrealistic. But its true.

No one is immune to the signs of youth fleeing the body, and as much as you want to believe in the 'grow old gracefully'.

When your staring at the mirror, examining a multitude of lines that seem to have suddenly appeared from nowhere, it can be very humbling and even desperately shocking for some people . Men and women.

So what do we do then? Start looking for Botox, hide away stuffing our faces with conciliatory chocolates, weeping for days of youth lost ...calling up school friends moaning about how time has flown by and dish this terrible fate upon us? WHY........?

Sound familiar ?

Aside from the emotional and obvious lifestyle factors, what is actually going on inside the body?

Here is a basic introduction.


Like other organs of the body, the physiological functions and structures of the skin continuously decline with advancing age. There are enzymes that break down the collagen and elastin fibers, and these are all part of a constant cycle of cellular activity.

One of the first visible manifestations of aging skin is the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. This phenomenon has many causes but the biology is primarily a breakdown in collagen.

Collagen is the structural protein in skin that provides structure—like scaffolding—and tautness.

As individuals age, environmental and mechanical stresses break down collagen at an increased rate and the fibroblasts (specialized skin cells in the dermis that produce skin proteins like collagen) cannot keep up.

These cells also naturally slow with age, which decreases the amount of collagen that is produced. The combination of these two factors may cause the skin in many people to essentially cave in—leading to the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Peptides are small molecules composed of amino acids that have targeted functions and are the way the cells in our body communicate with each other. A pro-collagen peptide has been identified with the sequence Lysine-Threonine-Threonine-Serine that is easily absorbed into the epidermis layers of the skin.

This peptide binds to the receptor site on the fibroblast membrane, signaling the fibroblast to begin the synthesis of collagen to help counteract the physiological slowing of collagen production and increased degradation in the epidermis, the outermost layer of skin.

Not only do adequate amounts of collagen give skin a more youthful appearance, but adequate amounts of collagen also contribute to essential skin moisturization. Collagen is surrounded by a gel-like material called the “ground substance” which is composed of moisture binding glycoaminoglycans (GAGs).

These GAGs play a critical role in the hydration and moisture level within the skin and enable collagen fibers to retain water and provide moisture to the epidermis. Without GAGs, collagen would resemble an empty net instead of scaffolding. (Increased moisturization can offer additional plumpness and fullness.) 

In properly formulated cosmetic products, the delivery of key cosmetic ingredients can be augmented by the use of galvanic current. The use of this safe and gentle current can increase the performance of skin care products. It is also thought to increase the speed of benefits allowing consumers to see visual improvements in their skin within a shorter time when compared to using skin care products alone.

So here is the Good News ...... there is definitely something you can do about it.

First thing is first ... Start taking care of the skin and begin to think about protecting it from the obvious causes of aging, such as the sun, dehydration, harmful diet and environmental products, smoking. etc...

WATER IS LIFE .... Cant stress it enough... Believe me, when you strictly embark on a daily dose of water therapy you will notice amazing effects on your skin.

Drink plenty of water, at least 1.5 Litres first thing in the morning before consuming anything else and you will start to see a plumping effect that is almost a miracle on its own right. 

QUIT .... Yep you know it, quit. Quitting cigarettes is one of the hardest thing you will ever do in life but it is the most rewarding thing when you realize you made it out the other side. Your skin will definitely thank you

NOURISH....Provide your body with nourishing ingredients to heal and help renew healthy skin cells from the inside. A balanced diet and supplements specifically targeting cellular health are the corner stone of health body tissues. Your skin has an extremely high cell turn over and after a consistent 3 months of good water intake, diet and supplements targeting cellular life support, your skin will be glowing and healthy.

SKIN CARE....Wash your face morning and night to avoid bacteria build-up and excessive oiliness–and promote a more youthful appearance. But avoid

over cleansing.

The next step is to treat your skin to a weekly regime of Professional Spa quality skincare. The galvanic spa unit is one useful and delightfully easy to use system.

Though there are many different Beauty & Spa products and lots of companies getting on the anti aging bandwagon (Personal Care industry is a multi trillion dollar industry ! Just look at all the lavish ads for beauty products in women's magazines and on television).

Enter Galvanic Spa .....

The Galvanic spa technology has been around for years and is finally making its way into the comfort of our homes. This is the perfect unit for delivering Beauty Spa quality ingredients deep into the skin. Laboratory research demonstrates that treatments with Galvanic current can enhance the delivery of anti-aging ingredients for up to 24 hours. 

Personally I have been using this spa unit for years and the results are immediate. Once you have a go you get hooked and cant wait to treat yourself a few times a week, the recommendation is 3!

So What Does It DO?......

Galvanic Body Spa targets the sources of ageing , reducing the appearance of wrinkles and smoothing skin to provide a more contoured toned appearance. It also features a self-adjusting current, lighted display, and audio indications, making it an easy to use in-home anti-ageing body system.

All galvanic instruments use electrical charges to facilitate the transport of nutrient ingredients deeper into the skin for maximum benefit. These instruments utilize an important characteristic of electrical charges—like charges repel each other and opposite charges attract each other.

If a key ingredient is negatively charged, the negative cycle of the Galvanic Spa Instrument will repel this ingredient— facilitating its transport. In the same way, if the ingredient is positively charged, the instrument will facilitate transport when the cycle is positive. If there are impurities within the skin that need to be pulled out, they will be extracted with an opposite charge.


Aids in delivering key ingredients to the skin.

Optimised pulsating galvanic current aids in stimulating skin, helps purify and refresh skin, and helps reduce the visible signs of ageing.

Laboratory research demonstrates that treatments with a Galvanic current can enhance the delivery of anti-ageing ingredients for up to 24 hours. This means anything you put on the skin after wards is more effectively absorbed, no make sure its something wonderfully healthy right.

The Galvanic Spa provides extremely low levels of direct current. Low level currents in conjunction with the specially formulated Galvanic Facial gels are shown to provide great visual results while not requiring licensed esthetician's or large machinery. The maximum direct current provided by the Galvanic Spa II instrument is two and a half times lower than a current needed to produce only a slight sensation.

So don't despair if you have some skin care challenges to work on. Correcting and supporting the health of the cells in your body with a complete cellular detoxification, and rejuvenation strategy will reap positive rewards. Cellular health is fundamentally important to the health of the skin and all other tissues in the body.

The information here is generally true for most healthy individuals. If you need more details on what you can do at home, or if you would like to detoxify your body's lymphatic system and give your cells a thorough cleanse, click here book a consultation with Nadene.

Hope this information has been helpful for you, don't forget to like and share!

Nadene Allan,

Remedial Massage & Lymphedema Therapist  

Please tell me how I can get my own Non Surgical Beauty Therapy unit to use at home.

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Great Stuff ! I am so glad you like the idea of Galvanic Spa Therapy. I will get back to you as soon as possible with details on how you can get one of these wonderful Non Surgical Beauty Therapy units for use in your own home.