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Remedial Massage & Lymphedema Therapy

improve quality of life


Education Therapy

facilitate positive outcomes

MLD® is Drug Free. Surgery Free. No Chemical Products. No Painful or Invasive procedures.

"A poet describes the eyes as the mirror of the soul. In modern body care, the face could be called the mirror of health. It reflects not only our feelings of well-being or sorrow or our character; it also reveals our state of health, the balance of mind and body.

Manual Lymph Drainage MLD® is a natural, healthy, painless and absolutely effective method which gives a new basis to Life, Health and Beauty." - Dr. Emil Vodder, Paris 1936

MLD® for Cosmetic Therapy

The Lymph system rectifies metabolic dysfunction and maintains the overall health of the tissue and cellular environment, it functions very much like a sewage system for the body.

If the cellular environment becomes stagnant the cells degenerate, age and die. Stagnation of lymph flow therefore has catastrophic results for health and beauty; the lymph circulation must function in its above obligations, cleansing and purifying the body tissues, removing excess water, metabolic waste, toxins and pollutants, and aiding circulation of life sustaining and nutrient rich fluids.

Manual Lymph Drainage MLD® significantly stimulates the Lymphatic system, ultimately renewing the cellular environment where life flourishes, cells divide and become fresh with a healthy and natural regeneration that comes from within.

Cosmetic Indications for MLD®



Rosacea, Facial Erythrosis

Telangiectasis ( spider veins )

Bruising and swelling - resulting from Pre/-Post Cosmetic surgery, Trauma

Cellulite/ Panniculosis


Scar/Keloid Softening

General Detox/Regeneration

Tear sacs

Chronic inflammation and all skin alterations resulting from protein accumulation in connective tissue

Maternal Care - Prevention of leg oedema and stretchmarks

Thick, Heavy, Fatigued legs