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Remedial Massage & Lymphedema Therapy

improve quality of life


Education Therapy

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International Lymphedema Awareness Month March

Lymph 4 Life Membership

Did you know March is International Lymphedema Awareness Month ????

Of course you do ! Since I support #lymphedemaawareness and I already have your attention ☺️


If you have Lymphedema or you are at risk due to cancer surgery or radiation....

I have created something special, FOR YOU !!!!!


Lymph 4 Life Membership


5 Lymphedema Consultations - Value $250

Lifetime 25% Discount on all Lymphedema Therapies

Fluid Measuring, Garment fitting, Lymphedema Retreats and Lymphedema Intensives...

Yes! you read that right --- LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP


If you are not from The Whitsundays this Membership can still benefit you. HOW???

1. You can always visit the Whitsundays for an all inclusive 1 on 1 Lymphedema Intensive - 5 or 10 days of Combined Decongestive Therapy, Reduction Bandaging or Compression Included, Skin care, Exercises, Accommodation, Food, and Transfers.... ( OMG That sounds amazing , all you have to do is get yourself to the Whitsundays)

2. You can early bird register and join me for any upcoming Lymphedema Retreat where for 6 days you will join a small group of like minded people who are ready to learn how to take steps to regain strength, and prevent feeling puffy or swollen.

3. Get discounts on my Lymph 4 Life Journal and other web resources plus any other related Lymphedema Retail products.

Ready to become a Lymph 4 Life Member ? SIGN ME UP