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Choose Quality of Life

When you think of Quality of Life, what comes to mind?

Is it your Health? Your Home? Your Family ? Holidays? Money?

What if you were so unhealthy that you simply could not enjoy any of these... What if you were just living 2 steps ahead of a chronic, life threatening illness?

Quality of life means different things to everyone, but in the end if you don't have good health you cannot enjoy any of the things that you would say are important to your quality of life.

Modern lifestyles and multi corporate advertising has promoted so many things ahead of good health, we have clearly lost sight of the basics.

If you had to improve your quality of life what would you focus on ?

Metabolic disease are heading up as the largest burden of disease throughout the modern world and among the top 3 are Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes.

Cancer was estimated to be the leading cause of burden of disease in Australia in 2012. Together, tobacco, physical inactivity, high body mass index (BMI), alcohol, occupational exposures and

hazards, low fruit and vegetable consumption, air pollution and unsafe sex have been estimated to account for one third of the total burden of cancer in Australia – the majority of burden being due to tobacco.

The number of new cancer cases each year is increasing and it is estimated that in 2020, there will be approximately 150,000 new cases diagnosed in Australia. The most commonly diagnosed cancers in Australia are prostate, bowel, breast, melanoma of the skin and lung cancer, which together accounted for an estimated 60% of all cases diagnosed in 2015.

-Exerpt from the Cancer Australia Lifestyle risk factors and the primary prevention of


What does it take to get healthy?

Health and Wellness agenda has exploded on the scene across the world with $200 billion dollar industry mostly targeting anti aging and skin care and nutritional products.... so why are people still dying ...

Why are people still lighting up the ciggies? .. Why are people still ignoring the basic lifestyle factors that ensure their good health and wellness? Who Knows ?

The paradigm for life has to shift if things are to change ... Choosing to poison yourself every day and is not choosing to live .... Choosing to pollute your body with unhealthy foods and substances everyday is not LIFE.

It takes a huge shift in mindset to choose Quality of Life ... You have to be dedicated, you have to have a light bulb moment where you realise that there really is more to life.... You have to really WANT it, more than anything else.

I know people who have been two steps from death and they know the value of good health. They appreciate every minute they have here and now because for a period of time they did not know if they would survive their ordeal.

So what about you ? Do you really value good health or are you still sitting on the fence Do you have some difficult choices to make or does it all seems as though it is someone else's problem? What is stopping you from making the good choices?

What would be different if you were living a basically healthy lifestyle? Would you have more energy, more zest for life? How would that impact you and your family?

I ask myself everyday, questions, what impact do my choices have on my health and the world around me. Don't get me wrong sometimes I make less than healthy choices , I am human, but over all I have a sensitivity to how one small choice can ripple through my life and affect everything else.

How to Make the Right Choice

One of the best things you can do to evaluate what is right for you and your family is to take a self check. Self check involves looking at where you are now and where you would like to be. It does not mean you are going to transform yourself overnight but it does mean you will examine what needs to be changed and take some small daily actions to move in the right direction.

Think about your personal health goals, and evaluate where you stand in relation to those goals. Then plan a few simple steps that you can take to achieve those goals. Make them SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results oriented, Time Bound.

If you have some less than healthy habits take action by getting support for the changes you need to make. If its cigarettes or particular health challenges then see your doctor and get a baseline for the types of options you have available, ask them for a referral to relevant specialists to assist your health journey. If you need emotional encouragement or a plan, then it can be helpful to have a counselling session to keep you on track and address some of the underlying issues that may have lead you to your current state of being. Be willing to listen , but also be honest about what factors are influencing your choices right now.

The hardest step on the journey will be the first step, but when you reach your milestones you will not regret those first baby steps.

Healthy Habits for Quality of Life

The following shortlist is a well known approach employed by health experts and natural medicine practitioners the world over. It is for the most part cheap and easy to make these new healthy habits a part of your lifestyle.

1.Stay Hydrated. - 2-3 Liters per day, 3 glasses first thing in the morning before ingesting any other food or drink. Water is life, if your not drinking enough water your brain is constantly operating under drought stress.

2. Eat good quality nutritious food. Choose organic where possible, its free from harmful chemicals and is an ethical choice for environment and general health.

3. Take supplements that suit your body and lifestyle. Unless you are eating a 100% balanced diet from your own organic garden or similar, you simply are no getting the full range of nutrients you need to have good cellular health. Look for a company that has a transparent ethical policy in sourcing their materials.

There are different options to suit all individual lifestyles.

4. Exercise. At least 30 minutes of daily activity that will get your heart rate up is good for circulation, circulating oxygen, and gives you a burst of energy. Walking, rebounding, cycling, or even a good gym membership. What ever gets you going :)

5. Avoid and remove toxins from your home and body care products as much as possible. This is a big issue, chemical sensitivity is now a growing problem with many more people reporting accumulated chemical sensitivity than was heard about 30-40 years ago. Chemicals are leaching into your body from every aspect so what ever you can do to reduce chemical exposure will be a good thing.

6. Maintain a healthy stress management activity. Meditate, Deep breathing, Star gazing, Sunset watching, Reading, Art, what ever it is that helps you relax - Go Do It. Stress has been proven to affect our body functions to extremes, so start to smell the roses etc… you will be surprised how easy it is to switch off.

All of these together can wholly improve your Quality Of Life. They are simple and only require you to make the decision and take action.

Reward Yourself

Don't forget to reward yourself, part of lifestyle change is about re programming your body and mind to receive differently. One great way to reward yourself on your health journey is a massage or spa treatment. The benefits are that it feels wonderful and its a bonus that massage and spa treatments have their own health benefits.

You can enjoy the treatment for its own sake or you can incorporate it into your new health routine.

There are many many reasons to make healthy changes in your life and I am sure that you will enjoy a new joyful perspective once you start to see the results. Quality of Life is easily attainable when you begin with a SMART plan, and take simple daily actions.

Happy Health journey !


Remedial Massage & Lymphedema Therapist