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Remedial Massage & Lymphedema Therapy

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Bio Impedance Analysis

What is it?

Well, Bio Impedance Spectroscopy is a fancy name for sending a multi-frequency micro current through your body to measure different tissue resistance parameters. It is basically a way for us to objectively measure all kinds of things going on in your body.... 

There are tonnes of personal fit bit devices and scales with similar technology, but none with precision that comes with this particular Medical grade of accuracy.

This device has been tested and used in Research, Hospitals, Sports Universities and many other investigative clinical settings.

It is NEW and it has a swag load of evidence to validate its use in Early detection of Lymphedema !!!

( Can You tell I am EXCITED ???? )

What can it tell us about the body?

Total Body Water

Extracellular Fluid

Intracellular Fluid

Fat Mass

Fat Free Mass

Hy-Dex Hydration

Skeletal Muscle Mass

Active Tissue Mass

Extracellular Mass

Protein & Mineral Density

Basal Metabolic Rate

Body Mass Index

I want to Register for Bio Impedance Analysis

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Who is it for?

Bio Impedance Analysis has many many different uses.

It is used in Medical and clinical setting for assessment and monitoring of treatment plans for Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Weight Management.

It is used in Physical Therapy and Cancer aftercare for objective measuring of fluid changes in Cancer patients, plus early detection and monitoring of Lymphedema.

It is used for monitoring Bone Density Mass in people at risk of Osteoporosis and Osteopenia.

It is used in Personal Training for people who are in programs for Body building, Body Transformation, Sportsmen and women who want to track changes in Lean skeletal muscle mass, and Fat mass.

How Often?

Recommendations vary with the problem you are monitoring. Cancer Patients will benefit from a reading every 3 months or more for up to 5 years after therapy.

Patients at risk of developing Lymphedema should have it Monthly or at the very least every 3 months. 

Lymphedema patients are recommended to have a reading before and after manual therapy sessions, or before and after Intensive Therapy programs, or once a month to monitor changes in fluid volumes.

All other Body Composition uses will benefit from a monthly or fortnightly reading to monitor their body transformation, or while their treatment plan is still active.

After that its a personal thing ;) You can challenge yourself if you are on personal program, or track changes over time...


Bio Impedance will be available Very soon !!!!! I am literally counting down the days to its arrival...

I have investigated many different devices for Bio Impedance and looked at the benefits for each one and whether they fit my requirements from a clinical standpoint. 

This device is brand new (in fact this will be the only unit of its kind North of Brisbane and in regional North Queensland).

It delivers a reading within 30 seconds. Your data is printed and or emailed, it is cumulative, your results will be available for any future referencing and treatment plans.

The data is a direct measurement of body composition, it is a simple yet sophisticated device and is a valuable tool when included in routine procedures to monitor overall health.

It helps quantifying fluid status and muscle mass.

It gives clinicians the ability to track and manage a treatment plan, providing a clear, visual way to demonstrate progress, and quantify improvements in skeletal-muscle mass or decreases in fat mass. This helps to document the value of care and promote the benefits of continuing a healthy lifestyle.