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Remedial Massage & Lymphedema Therapy

improve quality of life


Education Therapy

facilitate positive outcomes

Nadene Allan

“I help people recovering from cancer therapy and lymphedema patients to learn healthy daily practices that support physical relief while they develop a positive and proactive mindset and helps them reconnect with themselves in a healthy loving and kind way.”

I completed my training for Remedial Massage and Lymphedema Therapy in 2003. Choosing to study with a dedicated private college, The Massage Study Center, and quickly following on with a Post Graduate Lymphedema Therapist certification with Dr. Vodder School International.

I attend Biannual reviews to keep up to date with current knowledge and standards of practice in Lymphedema and Remedial Massage services.

I have had a keen interest in Natural and Complimentary therapies my whole life. I eventually chose to focus on manual therapy when I was involved in martial arts training and assisting club operations as a Muay Thai Instructor in the Clare Valley South Australia. My skills as a massage therapist developed in conjunction with my sporting knowledge and I very quickly found a deep passion and direction in life aligned with Health and Wellness.

My manual therapy skills include Remedial and Swedish Soft Tissue, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Lymphedema Therapy, Reiki, Fascial Kinetics, Biochemic Tissue Salts, Phase 4 Orthobionomy, Gua Sha, Myofascial Cupping, Low Level Laser Therapy.

Highlights of my working history as a manual therapist include - Owner operator in Clare Valley SA, Clare Massage Therapy.

Permanent Remedial Massage Therapist at the Airlie Beach Wellness Centre under proprietor Sue Wilson.

Remedial Massage Therapist at Spa Chakra on Hayman Island where I found a wonderful appreciation and love for the deep cosseting and profound Moments of Truth involved in luxury Spa Therapy.

Since then, I have chosen to remain focused on specialist Lymphedema Therapy, and continue to provide Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Combined Decongestive Therapy to the greater Whitsunday region.

I am passionate about Remedial Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Lymphedema Therapy, Cellular health, General health and well-being, Post Cancer Therapy including Education about Lymphedema awareness and prevention.

My mission is to assist and facilitate improved quality of life, in a way that is purposeful for anyone who chooses to place their health care and wellness into my hands.


The following shortlist is a well known approach employed by health experts and natural therapy practitioners around the world. It is for the most part cheap and easy to make these new healthy habits a part of your lifestyle. 

  • Stay Hydrated. Start your day by drinking good clean water- start with 3 glasses. This will help flush your system of the metabolic wastes accumulated during sleep.
  • Eat good quality nutritious food. Its no big secret, healthy food gives your body the building blocks for healthy cells and healthy body systems.
  • Take supplements that suit your body and lifestyle. If you have any specific requirements for nutrients during illness or convalescence it is best to take a good quality supplement to support the cellular function and healing phase. Once every thing is in tip top shape again you can re-adjust your supplements to your needs.
  • Exercise. Relieves stress, oxygenates the body, gets the blood flowing and delivers nutrients and happy hormones to all the body systems, flushes out metabolic waste.
  • Avoid and remove toxins from your home and body care products as much as possible. Reducing the load these toxins put on your body will have subtle and amazing benefits. Your lymphatic system is constantly removing anything deemed as waste form your body, this includes toxic chemicals, bacteria, viruses. If you can avoid or reduce as much as possible your immune system will be much better able to cope with other unavoidable stresses.
  • Maintain a healthy stress management activity. Meditation, deep breathing, yoga, painting, nature walks, what ever floats your boat and induces calm and de-stress mode. Stress is scientifically proven to be a significant factor in many modern health problems.

All of these together can wholly improve your Quality Of Life. They are simple and only require you to make the decision and take action.