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Remedial Massage & Lymphedema Therapy

improve quality of life


Education Therapy

facilitate positive outcomes

Welcome to My Website

Hello I am Nadene, a Remedial Massage Therapist based in Airlie Beach in the heart of The Whitsundays.

I provide manual therapy services with a primary focus in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Lymphoedema Therapy. I help people recovering from cancer therapy, and lymphedema patients, to learn healthy daily practices that support physical relief while they develop a positive and proactive mindset and helps them reconnect with themselves in a healthy loving and kind way.

My passion to help people drives me to provide exceptional quality of service, and facilitate learning that helps my clients to understand the benefits of improving their daily self care habits and the impact this has on their Quality of Life.

I believe in empowering people so they can begin to resolve and manage their health issues and work towards the best outcomes for preventable health problems.

Remedial Massage and Lymphatic Drainage can help to relieve and improve or resolve chronic health issues like Lymphedema and many common musculoskeletal conditions. It is beneficial to anyone who wishes to prevent chronic health problems.

Massage is generally viewed as a complimentary Natural Therapy and can be used to help preserve health and modify illness. It can work in conjunction with orthodox and complimentary therapies and is in itself an enjoyable and healthy activity.

Massage has a growing recognition for its usefulness in a wide range of health care settings. General benefits of massage are promoting beneficial physical changes in the body including;


Promote Feelings of Well being

Combating Stress


Back or Neck pain

Soft tissue injuries

Chronic pain



High blood pressure


Reducing muscular tension


Improved toning and stimulation of muscles tendons ligaments

Improved blood and lymph circulation

Surgery Preparation and Recovery

Sports Preparation and Recovery 

I am passionate about helping people learn how they can become a healthier version of themselves and prevent chronic long-term illness.

My sessions are designed to help you achieve the best outcome for your health needs.

The overall aim of this website is to raise awareness of the benefits of massage and lymphatic drainage and the lymphatic system and the important role it plays in maintaining your optimal cellular health and therefore your quality of life.

Your Lymph system is critical to cleansing and maintaining the health of all your cells and therefore body tissues; your organs and muscles rely on it to keep a healthy balance, in addition to its function as a protection and defense mechanism that carries out many vital tasks. 

Your body has the amazing capability to heal itself or adapt, within the extent that we support its cellular function. Some of the most simple daily practices will assist and maintain these innate and seemingly miraculous self-healing capabilities.

I hope that you will find many reasons to revisit my web pages and discover how you can support your total well-being by taking care of your Lymphatic system.

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